Thursday, March 13, 2008

Well, my mom's surgery is over and she got to go home Tuesday. The doctor said she is doing very well. I stayed with her over the weekend. The medication had her VERY loopy! Half of the time she didn't know who I was and therefore talked about me. Some good, some not so good. At one point she said that I reminded her of Michael Jackson. She asked me if I was trying to bleach my skin like he does. She also told me that I should make my grandmother( who has been dead for almost a year) get out of the room because she was talking too much and getting on her nerves! Thank goodness all of the medication has worn off and she is now doing really well. Thank you all once again for your prayers.


Shonna said...

Sounds like your weekend turned out to be quite entertaining!!!

Colvin Family said...

Rebecca (a.k.a. Michael),
I can hear you right now telling that story! With all of your emphasis and humor!! Just makes me remember I miss you! I'm glad your mom is doing well - even if she was a little crazy!