Sunday, April 6, 2008

Finally, back! We have had some technical difficulties as well as a ton of work lately. We are in the middle of a rather large renovation on our children's dept at church. Jeff, myself and my children's committee have been painting, moving and cleaning for months. Hopefully, we will be finished before our Day Camp starts in May. Soon I will post pictures of our wonderful areas. We will have all new furniture, a media room, a snack shack, a gaming center and an indoor play ground. I am so excited to get to be a part of a wonderful work God is doing in our church. We hope to have a big dedication day around the second week of May and let everyone in the church, as well as, the community come by for a look see and enjoy an old fashioned picnic in our gym.


Anonymous said...

Rebecca, I'm still hoping to see you before the wedding. Fat chance, you say. I heard you! I believe Jeff blew his germs over all the way to Wing! Kimberly and I had the puking, pooping bug,too. I would have loved to be along with yall on that shopping trip to see Will picking the dresses for you to try on. I hope you bought something he picked out! It sounds like things are really taking shape at church. You always could get things done even if you had to do it yourself. I miss yall. Love ya, Cathy

Shonna said...

It sounds like God is doing some awesome work in your church!!! I also love your knew background on your blog page.

Vickie said...

Hello Taylors!
I was hoping we would be able to see you this weekend, but it looks like we'll be in Orlando.
I hope Will's leg is healing quickly. Don't let the skeeters eat you up at the lake!
Maybe we'll see you in MS sometimes.
Miss You! Love, Vickie