Sunday, June 29, 2008

My trip "HOME"

This weekend I had the extreme pleasure of going home. A friend of mine at our church had a class reunion in Talladega, Alabama. She did not want to travel alone and invited me to travel with her. My parents were very happy to hear this and made arrangement for a fun filled weekend. We arrived there on Friday and went out to eat with my daddy. For those of you who really know me, you know I really like to eat!! Birmingham has some wonderful eating establishments and all I could think of was getting to sample some good old Alabama cuisine. Guess where my daddy chose to dine? Captain D's!!!!! I mean how much more exotic can you get? Anyway, Will scarfed down a pile of macaroni and cheese and another shrimpy, greasy pasta conglomeration. We got back to their house and were pooped. Will and I got into the bed around 10:00. I was exhausted and we got all snuggled in. Will turns toward me and throws up that disgusting dinner he consumed earlier. My parents were sound asleep so I had to take all of the covers off the bed and wash them. I put Will on the couch in their den and I wound up in the most UNCOMFORTABLE chair I have ever sat in, much less slept in. I actually did not sleep. My brother came about 7:oo Saturday morning to take us bowling. (just what I wanted to do after a night of shrimpy vomit and no sleep). We did have a great time though. After bowling we went up to Vulcan Park. Vulcan is the big statue that you can see when you approach the city of Birmingham. We had such a great time. It was wonderful getting a chance to catch up with my brothers, parents, neices and nephew. I will leave by quoting Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz---"There's no place like home."

P.S. Check out the picture of Will with some of my neices and nephews- He was wearing my rhinestone sunglasses and looked like Elton John. Also, I have a new camera and I'm not sure why it printed the wrong date????


Shonna said...

Even though we only live a little over a mile from Mother and Daddy's, it is always comforting to go "home"!! Glad to hear you had a great trip and I am loving Will sporting your shades!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about one of your deacons being killed last week. I know your whole church is hurting. CBC prayed for ya'll last night and will continue to do so. Me, Stacey, and Kady sure enjoyed seeing you and Jeff. She loves her new little soft lamb you gave her. She says it tastes real good.
Love Ya'll, Vickie

The Martins said...

Just to clarify...the rest of us know that was a POODLE not a lamb you gave Kady (hehehe). She loves it. Everything goes in her mouth and she always prefers the softer toys. Sorry to hear about the puke, the crappy chair and having to eat at Captain Disgusting. I do have to say that Will does look fetching in those gigantic glasses. I call mine 'Audrey Hepburn glasses'...they're huge. And I am truly sorry to hear about the loss of your church member. I will bring it up in service tomorrow. Love ya'll!