Thursday, June 5, 2008

Where in the world is John Harper?

One more event that happened on our trip to Bama was an incident that I still hear about daily. When we lived in Andalusia, my son became very best friends with a co conspirator named John Harper. They loved each other very much and played together every chance they got. They were tit for tat on the rough scale. In fact John H. was the only other child Will's age that could come any where close to matching "fighting skills". I always dreamed of having this handsome, smart and well adjusted little boy. Well at least he's handsome and smart!!!! He is still rough and tumble. Marianne and I had talked before we came and were going to try and get the boys together. I should never have mentioned this to Will because it became a crusade to track down John Harper. Our schedules never worked out until the last day I decided I had heard enough whining and so the three of us set off on a quest to find John Harper. As we got on the road, I told Jeff that J and Marianne had sold their old house to Russell and Kristen Wiggins and I didn't really know where they lived now. One thing to our advantage is that Carolina isn't very big and that everyone knows everyone else's every move. So suffice it to say we wound around on one of those country roads looking for what we thought would be some kind of a metal "Butler" building or something. What we found was in true Marianne style the most beautiful metal building I think I have ever seen. However, there was no John Harper. I tried to tell Will that it was just as good to see his home and even his blue eyed dog but he wasn't buying it. There was some ruggedly handsome guy there who looked just like J.W. and I thought at first I might could even tell Will that this was John Harpers dad but he wasn't having anything short of thee one and only John Harper Dubose. If you are out there man, Please know that there is another person on earth who thinks you are the coolest friend he vaguley remembers.

P.S. Just to commemorate our trip out to the Dubose Pondersosa, I took some souvenier shots. Isn't this one of the prettiest horses you have ever seen?


Beth said...

Yes! It is my "secret" friend! We're gambling partners. I have NO idea who that is! And yes, it is a little creepy!! I clicked on the name and it took me to some page that didn't even make sense. Very weird!!! How are y'all?

Beth said...

Have you checked my blog today? If not,look at it. I am a magnet for these gambling comments! What in the world is going on?!!!! It is weird!!