Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Catfish with Kady

Last night my sweet friend Vickie Stallings came for a visit. Stacey called and wanted to know if we all could get together for dinner. I suggested this really swanky place (ha ha) called Charlie's Catfish House. It is not the most impressive looking establishment in the world but the food is really pretty good! I got the boiled shrimp and it was great! As you can see by the pics, Vickie had the catfish. Poor fish! She left nothing but bones! We got to see Kady and play with her. She is the cutest and tiniest baby I think I have ever seen. She looks like a little pixie. She may be small but boy can she wail. Jeff and Stacey had her singing and talking and just plain old yelling. Will was smitten with her right away. He has decided that he would now like a brother or sister. But, judging by the way he aggravated Kady, I'm not sure I want to venture down that path any time soon. Anyway, it was great seeing and catching up with old friends. We love you guys. The only bad part was that there was no Larry!!!!!


The Martins said...

We had a great time too. Daddy will be upset if he finds out we ate boiled shrimp without him. That's his favorite. Next time he comes, we'll have to bring him to Charley's. That pic of Kady and Will is so good. She really did put on a little talent show for us didn't she? Hope she doesn't sing like her Mama...maybe she got her Daddy's talent instead. Can't wait to see you all again soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecca!

We really enjoyed our night out on the town with the Taylors. That was about as swanky as I get. Thanks for posting that gosh awful picture of me. I think the fish looked better. Tell Will the next time we need someone to entertain Kady we'll come get him. Hope to see ya'll again soon.


Shonna said...

Hey! I am still waiting to see those "after" pictures of your shed...I am sure that project is way behind you by now - right?!?!