Sunday, July 20, 2008

Smarter than the average bear!

Well, what a time I've had lately!! It seems like every weekend for the past forever I have been on the go. Just this morning a large group of our church friends and I went to Yogi on the Lake in Pelahatchie, Mississippi. Jeff and I went last year with our camper and liked it so much that we came back and told our children's committee at church about it. We went up on Friday morning and came back this morning. We had such a blast. If any of you have children and are looking for a GREAT place to go and have some fun-Go to Jellystone. It is actually a chain. The first one we went to was in Robert, Louisiana. It was nice but a little dated. They still had a pinball machine with Kiss on it and everything was painted in ugly brown and bright orange. This one in MS is really brand new. They just opened it last summer. It is really close to Jackson which is the capitol and has lots of shopping and other cool stuff to do. Sorry Beth Colvin, nothing catastrophic happened! Just good ole summertime fun! Looking forward to next year when our group plans to venture to Disney World I had better get some rest.

P.S. We actually did have a skunk experience that was pretty horrible but I think I am just too pooped to do it justice. Just let your imagination run with it!


Beth said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! I want to plan a trip to this place. Maybe next year we can all come over and go with y'all. Glad to hear nothing terrible happened...I really can't believe it!

Anonymous said...

that looks like a whole lot of fun. You will have to tell me where that place is the next time I see you. Keep in Touch.

Anonymous said...

Looks like yall had alot of fun! Yall keep the roads as hot as we do! Love you bunches, The favorite Jacobs

The Martins said...

When you mentioned the skunk I thought about the deodorant story you told us when Mama was here last. Did he smell like Taco Bell food?!?!? HAHAHA!!!