Thursday, August 7, 2008

My sweet 7 year old

When I was a child growing up, each birthday my mom baked a cake and decorated it with those candy things from the grocery store. Sometimes my mawmaw and grand daddy would come and sometimes I had a friend over to play in the yard. Other than that, nothing else. We each got $10 from our grandparents and mom and dad bought us something small. Mine usually involved clothes for school since my birthday is Aug. 22. My son however thinks that a birthday is an event that should last at least a week. He reminds us constantly throughout the week that he needs to be in charge of choosing any and all activities, places to eat and length of time we should stay because after all-he is the "birthday boy". Perhaps his parents shouldn't give in to this kind of spoiling but hey - your only a kid once and as I have found, adulthood comes soon enough. Besides, Jeff and I have just as much fun as he does. Our birthday bonanza began last Friday night with a camping trip back to Clarkco (the place where he broke his leg) They have built a new splash park and he had a very good time. We came home late Saturday night. Next was Sunday when we and some of our really close church friends gathered after church for a small informal dinner. After we ate, we had a fun game of hide and seek in the church. Our church is really big and there are lots of cool places to hide. Children and adults played and had a blast. Of course we had a no running rule so this kind of put a tiny damper on it. And lastly On Tuesday, Aug 5 (his real birthday) Jeff and I took he and one of his closest friends, Slade Hicks to a place in Hattiesburg called Peps Point. We had alot of fun but I sure am glad that his birthdays only come once per year. I am exhausted!! I am very proud of my sweet little 7 year old man and thanks to God, he is growing into a great young man! Happy Birthday, Son.


Shonna said...

That second picture is HILARIUOS!! I have heard that Andalusia is suppose to get a splash pad out at the Dream Park...we'll see. Caroline's birthday is Aug 14 and I think along the lines of you and this birthday celebrating. The good Lord has blessed us with this precious child and that is reason enough to celebrate her week!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL!

Beth said...

In my family we never made a fuss over birthdays either. Although Amy still reminds everyone the 1st day of August that her b-day is the 11th and doesn't stop reminding until it is long past. I think birthdays are fun and should be a cause for some kind of celebration. Happy Birthday Will!!

P.S. Will you ask Jeff if he could email or mail me a copy of our wedding vows? Please.