Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Still Here!

No, We did not get blown away. Praise God. Things could have been much worse but the only thing that happened around our home is that we lost 4 trees. That's ok though because we live in a very wooded area anyway. Maybe now I can actually have a few more patches of grass. It has rained cats and dogs for the past few days so I decided that this would be a prime time to finish my shed project. I am ALMOST there, just a few finishing touches now and I will be finished. While cleaning out, I made many great discoveries. I found oodles of memorabilia that I didn't even know I still had. I ran across a box of love letters from my husband. He and Will stayed inside so I took my sweet time and carefully read each one of them. It was like we were still "boyfriend and girlfriend". Now that God has lead me to them again, I will not part with them ever. They will be treasured. In the stack of pictures, cards and letters, I found a birthday card from my precious Maw Maw. She had written in it how much she and my granddaddy loved me and how proud they were of me. Before I knew it, I was showering the card with tears. At first I saw this project as an unsurmountable chore. But looking back, I now know that it was not only necessary but also a blessing. I too found these pictures of my sweet time teaching the 2 and 3 year old class at Carolina Baptist. What Precious Memories!!!!!


Beth said...

Good to hear y'all didn't blow away and that you got your shed cleaned and even got a blessing from all your finds!
Oh my goodness, those pictures are so sweet. Every one of those children are soooo big now!! It's amazing how fast they grow!!!!!! Thanks for your comment. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hurry up already and post pictures of that darn shed. I have been dying in anticipation to see what it will look like post junk. Judy

jeff and rebecca said...

Well don't get to excited, Judy. Remember it is still just a shed. It has been painted and definitely cleaned out, but it is still just a shed!!!

Mendy said...

How time flies. Those are some cute pictures.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, we're ready for an update! It's been over a week. I've been missing you awfully bad this week. I don't know why, sometimes I just do.
Love, Cathy

Anonymous said...

Well! at least the storm didn't blow anybody's drawers off! You know how sometimes things like that just happen. Pictures of kids are precious. they are all so big now, and I'm really getting old.
I miss you,too.
Love, Vickie

Dawn said...

And I miss you too! Gosh what a thoughtful friend I have in you! Thank you sooo much for my beaUtiful gift in the mail! I Love It! I shall treasure it always, just like you and your frienship!