Sunday, October 5, 2008

One FULL Saturday!

Yesterday about 30 people from our church traveled to Tupelo, MS. Back a couple of months ago I received a letter in my mailbox at church adveritising this really cool looking place called "Tupelo Buffalo Park". I got so excited because I love Fall weather and look forward every year to getting out and enjoying this beautiful world that God has so graciously given us. It boasted the largest zoo in the state, as well as, a pumpkin patch, hay maze, indian village and hello???? Tupelo is the birthplace of none other than Elvis Aaron Presley. Say no more. I was ready to hop on our church bus and go. We left the church around 7:00 yesterday morning. Trying to get that many people on the bus that early in the morning was no small feat. However, we did it and wound up only being about 15 minutes later than we originally planned on leaving. We made it all the way to Scooba, MS before we had to make our potty, coffee, orange slice, slim jim break. This ordeal took about 30 minutes. I was beginning to wish that we had just taken a bucket and a shower curtain and constructed a make shift toilet. Finally by 11:00 we arrived in Tupelo at the park. We were greeted by their friendly staff and ushered to our luch pavillion. Each of us had taken along a picnic lunch. Oh yea, my in laws met us there also. My mother in law brought enough food for an army. We all kind of ate from everyone else's stash. After lunch we went on an open air tour of the free roaming buffalo, zebras, camels and many other animals that I don't remember what they were. I am sure the guide told us, but of course, I was probably talking and did not hear. (I know that is hard to believe) Anyway, next we saw the animals. This was no ordinary zoo. The animals could all just be touched and they could touch you back and lick or gnaw or whatever else they wanted to do. It was neat but a little scary too. After the animal tour we went to a hay maze. I am not much on just walking out in the middle of a field full of hay and cow patties!!! I am sure it is fun to some, but not my cup of tea! So, while all of my group wandered aimlessly through this torturous tunnel dodging "land mines", I cheated!!! There, I have admitted it. Yes, I cheated!!! I slipped out through the entrance and into the pumpkin patch. I was safely waiting at the exit when half of the group came out astonished that I had maneuvered so quickly through. My family was with the other group who were still searching for the way out. About half way up to the pumpkin patch I heard some of the little girls in the other group begin these blood curdling screams for their "mama". They had gotten seperated and were lost. It was actually kind of funny. Cause, hey there I was the first one out!!! Ha Ha Ha. After all of this excitement, we picked our pumpkins out, made a scarecrow and left. Our next stop was just down the road at the Birthplace of Elvis. It was probably my favorite thing on the entire trip. I could go on and on about how wonderful this day was but I feel like I have written a small novel now. If any of you ever get the chance, I would highly suggest this trip. I give Tupelo Buffalo Park 2 Thumbs up and the birthplace of Elvis 2 thumbs and one big toe up!!!!
P.S. Also, Alabama won their football game against Kentucky. What an awesome way to cap off a day of fun.


Beth said...

That looks like lots of fun! A lot of our family vacations were to see the homes of past Presidents. I love that kind of stuff. I like to see their houses and all that old stuff.

What did your scarecrow look like??
Will is getting so BIG! He looks completely different everytime I see him!

We are excited to see y'all next week!

Robbie ... said...

This was a fun and beautiful day. We enjoyed it all. Can't wait for the next trip!

Love ya,

Shonna said...

What a nice get away...good for y'all!

I love the picture of Elvis flirting with you...wish it was me!!! HAHAHA

Dawn said...

Well not only have I been to Elvis' birthplace I've been to Graceland Baby!! I doooo love Elvis!! The most amazing thing at Graceland was on a tape that we watched inside his home at the first of his career when he was interviewed and asked what were 3 things he wished to accomplish, to which he replied, I want to be
3.and happy
the film then showed clips from all throughout his career and came back to the same man who had interviewed Elvis when he first became popular and he said Elvis if you will remember, I interviewed you years ago and asked you 3 things you wished to accomplish and you said to be rich famous and happy, do you feel that you have accomplished all of those things, to which Elvis replied, I'm rich and famous but I've never been happy.
That broke my heart. The poor man was miserable. He couldn't go anywhere without getting mobbed. They shut down the mall just for him to go Christmas shopping. He lived a lonely life and died a sad death.
Anyway, now that I've written my novel. I am glad you guys had a great time and you are enjoying this beautiful weather as well.

-Beth of course you went to Presidents homes on vacation, you were with Brian and Mrs. Cathy. You can't go on vacations with people who have very high IQ's. They are only intrested in BORING stuff!!!


jeff and rebecca said...
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Anonymous said...

How on earth did you get all of those kids safely back home? I am afraid that I would have left some of them out there will all of those animals.

The Martins said...

Ooh fun!

Julie said...

Hey Rebecca. I do remember you! As a matter of fact, I've been stalking your blog via Beth's blog and find myself laughing out loud with most of the things that you say in your blogs. You are too funny! (ROLL TIDE, TOO!)

Anywho...I would love to hear what you have to tell me. :)

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