Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break in Jackson/Vicksburg

During Spring Break my family "camped" in Jackson, MS. I put that in quotation because it was not exactly what I call camping. We were unfamiliar with this park and went sight unseen. We went there and found out that there is a huge difference between a campground and an RV park. RV parks are full of snow birds that speak with very thick yankee tongues. Lights were all out at 8pm and there were many tacky plastic yard decorations in almost every lot there. We assumed that there were many who fell into this category who obviously had taken residence there for the Winter. Our rig landed right by a 4 lane. We could see Kroger from our lot and a major intersection. I try to be an upbeat person but when I meet disappointment like this it is hard to maintain a cheery dispostion. We arrived there on Sunday night and it was freezing and raining. The first of many let downs I might add. We have some really good friends who recently moved to Vicksburg. I had told them that we would be close and so we planned to rendezvous(eat and hang out) with them while we were there. That first night we just cooked hot dogs, on our grill because "camp fires" were a no no!!! Anyway we watched traffic and ate our weiners while we shivered and went to bed. The next morning, Jeff decided that before we met our friends that we should explore the place and get our showers at the bath house. I normally shower in our camper but for some (stupid) reason I decided that I would follow my husband and check out the luxurious (not) bath premises. I insisted that we take the truck so that I wasn't dragging shampoo, panties, towels, etc. all across the place for every grandpa there to stare at. Once we got there Jeff went into the men's and I went into the ladies'. It was a really long corridor, typical of most camp site bath houses. I had to go all the way to the end, where to my astonishment, I find that it is a handicap shower. This meant that the shower was designed for someone to sit down and shower. Was I going to sit down on this filthy, yellowed, disgusting bench that was provided to wash my nether regions???? I don't think so!!! Anyway I decided that I would just have to do a back bend to wash my hair or something. I started the water and let it warm as I stepped out into the bathroom part to take off my clothes. It was pretty early and there wasn't a soul stirring that morning except us(or so I thought). I got completely naked except for my nike shower shoes and my carhart ball cap when I discovered that I couldn't find my soap. I assumed that I must have left it in the truck, that was locked. Furthermore, Jeff had the keys. I was in quite a pickle, but wait, don't these places have hand soap??? Of course, I could just quickly run to the sink area and get a handful of soap. After all, it was better than stinky camper smell, right?? So there I go. I made it to the area and sure enough they had plenty of soap. I stood there admiring my raccoon eyes and greasy looking bangs when, there she was!!!!! A little old lady with the biggest smile on her face. She was wearing a yellow rain slicker and was holding a dog leash. I used my one arm to shield my body, but hey, I was naked. Completely naked. Not a stitch on. Only my shoes and hat were in tact. There was quite and awkward silence until she said, and I quote "Are ya takin a shower?" No, I wanted to say, I just like pumping hand soap in public bathrooms in the nude! "Yes", I replied thinking that this would encourage her to hit the road but instead she just kept on standing there smiling. I finally turned to her with a questioning look and she simply replied "I need to wash my hands." I moved aside and casually walked my naked butt down the long corridor to the shower. I got inside, picked up my washcloth from the gross bench and lo and behold, there it was, MY SOAP!!!! I have lots of pics from the time with our friends that I will try to post later this week.

This is where IT happened. I'll bet that poor old woman had some stories to tell after that trip to wash her hands!

Check out this hideous shower curtain. Look closely and you can see some undetermined brown spots on there.


Shonna said...

Leave it to you to make me laugh 'til it hurts...hate that you got "caught", but thanks for sharing!!!

Lori Griffin said...

I can't believe the old lady didn't leave long enough for you to get back into the shower and then come back and wash her hands!! How rude!! That sounds just like something that would happen to me!! You sure won't forget that camping trip and although it wasn't too funny at the time you have to laugh about it now!!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca I'd loooovvvveeeeee to take you camping with me and my family. Our bath time consisted of a bar of soap, bath cloth, and the good ol'e flowing Conecuh River. The bathroom was the biggest oak you could you could find and BEWARE the poison Ivy!!! Water came in the form of an igloo cooler hauled from home. All these memories makes me want to pack up and head to the WOODS!!! Oh the memories, how priceless they are!! Happy Camping, Kelley

The Clarks said...

You made me laugh once again Rebecca. I can just see you looking at the old lady like, duh? No, I just like to go naked to wash my hands.

I bet Jeff got a kick out that story!
Love ya!

Britni Ballard McMillan said...

This is you usually are! Miss you!

Dawn said...

You are soooo funny! That sounds exactly like something that would happen to me! Take care!

cathy said...

Rebecca, you are a hoot!!! You need to write a book about all of your adventures using your colorful expressions! It would be a best seller I'm sure. You could always camp at Open Pond and visit with old friends. Loving and missing yall, Cathy

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