Monday, June 1, 2009

We are Terrible People!!!

Last year my husband forgot his mother's birthday. We were reminded of it many months later. I am sure that it really hurt her feelings. It was simply an oversight due to our VERY busy lives. I know that is no excuse but we are on the go non stop it seems. After last year I personally vowed to maintain some sort of chart system or something to keep up with everyones special holidays. I called my father in law the other day at work and he reminded me that Jeff's mom had her birthday three days before. What????? Had we done it again????? I could not believe it!!! I wanted to crawl under my desk and die!!! After a good tongue lashing from him, I quickly hung up and called Jeff to let him know that we had once again left his mom in the cold. He pondered over the situation and called me back to say "We are going to Birmingham in the morning to surprise her with a visit". "OK" I said "But my poor old van will probably not make it and we have invited Will's friend Slade to spend the day with us". No problem, we will just have to rent a car!!! Rent a car??? Boy, had we gotten ourselves into a big old mess!!! Anyway, we took off up there on Friday and really did surprise her. I was also able to visit my mom for a little while. We took Jeff's parents out to their favorite restaurant Nikki's downtown.

The food was delicious and we had a great time! Will got and gave much love to his grandparents and I hope Jeff and I got out of the doghouse!

On our way home Jeff suggested that we go out of our way a little bit and show Will the first home that he and I lived in after we got married. It was such a cute house in a nice subdivision. It had 4 bedrooms and an attached garage. We worked so hard on it. We had paint parties and had my dad to put in new kitchen cabinets, countertops and flooring. We worked on the yard and planted shrubs and flowers and even painted the outside. We were so proud of that house and all of our hard work. We actually only lived there for one year and then Jeff accepted a new job in Andalusia, AL. Once we got to the subdivision, I began to reminisce about that happy little newlywed couple who moved into that place 13 years ago. We lived all the way at the very end in the cul de sac. With each turn and twist my excitement grew. I planned on taking pictures. Then, there we were!!!! My excitement quickly turned to horror!!! Our beautiful home had been turned into a haunted house complete with waist high grass and weeds, shredded plastic mini blinds, broken windows with tape repair work, rotten shudders and last but not least, a vast array of the oldest junkiest cars they could possibly muster up! I was and am still devastated. Will and his friend Slade shrieked with laughter at the sight of that place. They said "No, really, which house was yours"? Needless to say, I did not take any pics, I was kind of afraid that we might be shot to death hanging out in the drive way. After this terrible trip, we decided that since we were in the neighborhood, we should go and show Will the first church that Jeff pastored. It was actually still there and in relatively good shape. We had such a good time and hopefully we can remember Jeff's moms birthday next year. The thing I am thankful for today is: I don't live in that Hueytown home anymore!!!!


Shonna said...

So funny! I know the boys thought y'all were pulling one over on them!!! Do you have any old pictures of the house you could scan and show us???

Robbie said...

Things change and always will. I have been devastated to see homes I've lived in many years later only to wonder just what in the world I really liked about it. Then to discover it is not the same. Life goes on. Just take many pictures of your home now. That way you will have something for a future time. After all, THIS is the home Will will remember!

Anonymous said...

It is such a sign of our times when people forget the birthdays of their beloved parents. I just think it unthinkable that anyone could do such a thing. I am amazed you are able to keep any friendships alive.

Lori Griffin said...

I know Jeff's parents were glad to see you all!! It is heartbreaking to see a house you put so much hard-work into not taken care of! Our old house has gone downhill and it is hard to ride by and see it that way!! I was thinking about you today as I was helping with VBS crafts!! The last time I helped was when I did crafts with you! Good times!

jeff and rebecca said...

Well, anonymous, I only keep friendships of those I deem worthy. Like, this hispanic guy I once knew, I took my friendship away from him. I hope he never returns to beg for it back!!!

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the internal anger of some folks. It is clear that "Anonymous", who posted above, was just expressing the obvious. No wonder not many people follow this blog. I am sure we can all find new venues of entertainment that are healthier.

Laura Bennett said...

Hey Anonymous,

What a pood!!! (Chicken, scaredy cat) sign your name if you are so opinionated.

I think the sign of the times is actually that people have time to enter strangers blogs and say such nonsense without KNOWING the situation. You only KNOW what you read, which was put out there by these human people that made a honest mistake. . .Notice they admitted it and obviously felt wrong and made it up to MY MOM!!!! If anyone should have angry words to say to them about "not being perfect" it should be my mom. . .but just FYI. . .she was not upset.

If you knew my brother and sister in law you would know the good they do on a daily basis as part of their lifestyle, not just birthdays!!!!

My name is Laura Bennett and I am 100% sure that if someone investigated your life. . .they might just find some kind of screw up that you are responsible for. Just guessing but I bet I am right on. I am sure you would find them in my life. . . never said you would not. I won't be perfect until my Jesus takes me home.

Read Matthew 7:2-5 and see what Jesus himself says about judging and “He who is without sin among you, let him throw the first stone.” (John 8:7)

Just a thought!
I love you guys Jeff and Rebecca

Watch this anonymous. . .

Laura Bennett

phew that was no so hard! You should try it sometime.