Saturday, May 29, 2010

Seems like old times!

Last weekend Jeff, Will and I had a trip planned to Birmingham for me to attend a seminar and for he and Will to hang out with family. Instead we lost a dear sweet friend and Jeff was asked to do her funeral. Due to the fact that I had this planned for several months we decided that Will and I would go alone. We headed out right as he finished school. About half way there he began to ask me questions about my family and childhood. He has really never shown any kind of interest much in the past so I assumed he didn't care who his mother and daddy were before he knew them. I must say I was very tickled that he wanted to know EVERYTHING about me all of a sudden. It was really awesome because as we approached my most favorite place on planet earth (Birmingham area) I was able to actually show him some of the places that I was talking about. My mother is the grim reaper and was certain that we had been killed for sure somewhere between there and Laurel and I knew that I would take a real chewing when I got there for being so late but I decided I did not care. If my son showed any inkling of an interest in me then it was well worth it. As a baby, Will loved me and showed it by constantly wanting me to hold and cuddle him. As an 8 year old boy, however, he only shows me in private when he is absolutely positive that no one else can see him. He says I do "things" to embarrass him. Anyway, I took him by my elementary school and high school. I was told that Mortimer Jordan High will not be there much longer and this breaks my heart. I think it is the very BEST school in the entire solar system. I would be the absolute proudest mother ever to have my offspring attend my alma mater. Oh well, I guess that will never be. I did at least get to make his picture by the blue devil. As we cruised around my old stomping ground I found more and more I wanted to show and tell him. I took him to Barger Roller rink (where I got my first kiss)(this did not impress him and he said he was going to tell his daddy). We rode by my best friend since 8th grades house and said hi to she and her family. Visited Metro Mart on the highway where all of my "teenage" friends would buy our Marlboro Red cigarettes (they never once asked for our ID). As we drove past Morris cemetery he even noticed that there was a tombstone next to the road with the name ROOKER on it and asked if they were kin to me. Of course, how could I not take him to the graves of my beloved Maw Maw and Grand daddy? The trip down memory lane was exciting for him but somewhat sad for me. It made me realize how much I miss my home and all of the things that I have missed out on. I haven't seen any of my highschool friends in years except for the occasional visit home and just a chance meeting. Several of them have even died. My parents have aged and seem to get more "old" looking and acting each time I go home. New housing developments have popped up all over and it has gotten to where I barely recognize my own hometown anymore. I pray that God will some day lead me back to the place that I became "ME".

This is the church I attended from the time I was born until I married in 1996. My parents still go there.

This was me when I was Will's age. I was just about to start 3rd grade. Check out that groovy paneling behind me!

Yes, I am standing on a toilet in this picture. I could not see due to all of the other high school girls primping in the mirrors in front of me. It was the only way I could fix that birds nest poof of mine!

This is me on the left and my friend Alisa on the right just before we went to the prom. Wasn't my hair beautiful? I think I used a whole can of Rave 3 to get it to stay up there like that!

Wow, first grade seems like 30 years ago, Wait, it was 30 years ago. BTW, Mrs. Vanfleet was awesome!

First thru sixth grade here at John E. Bryan Elementary "Home of the Little Blue Devils"

Awesome high school with some of the finest teachers anywhere! I spent 7th-12th grade here! My grandmother Louise was a graduate in the first few years of it being opened so many years ago.

Until I got my license, I spent almost every Friday night (not during football season of course) here at Bargers. My daddy would give me $5 and told me to bring him any change. HA! He never got any back!

I wish I had a dime for every time I went here and bought a Mello Yello or a pack of Big Red gum.

Yes, I too rode the cheese wagon. I must say I had some pretty good times on this. I sure learned alot. My parents would have died if they had only known what conversations happened on Coach Wayne Counts bus route! Who needed the birds and bees from mom and dad? Just keep your ears peeled and let the older kids fill in the blanks! This is precisely why I take my son to school everyday! He'll learn soon enough as it is!

These crosses are right beside their graves. I think they are so beautiful. I miss you both sooooo much. Look forward to seeing you again!

Will, this post is for you. Maybe it will answer some of those questions you have about what kind of woman gave birth to you. I love you!

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