Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gold Medal Winner!

This past weekend I had the Extreme pleasure of accompanying my son and husband to the State Games of Mississippi. Each county chooses their best sports players to go to Meridian and play in this competition. Will was chosen from a pool of about 80 children. I must say I was one proud mother!!!! Jeff has said that he absolutely hates soccer and that he thinks it is a sissy communist sport. Ha! He had it coming!!! Our only child LOVES soccer and is great at it. The temperature hovered around 95 degrees the entire time we were there. I must say that I have the fattest, whitest legs known to man and I was somewhat glad that they may get a glimpse of a tan. It didnt take long until my poor appendages were hot pink and felt like I was sitting in a frying pan. While we were there we camped at Okatibbee and visited the water park. All in all, we had a wonderful time and were so elated that our precious young son received a gold medal. GOOOOOOOO Will!!!!!! Perhaps one day we can watch him win the World Cup (Dream)

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Joy Sowards said...

Congratulations, Will! Looking forward to seeing all of you in July.