Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hello, family and friends! I found this great web site through my good friend Beth Colvin in Andalusia. It is very hard to keep in touch with everybody now that we live in Mississippi. I will put some of our most recent pictures on here so you all can see this bubbling metropolis we call home (ha ha). You can also see how "little Will" is no longer little. It makes Jeff and I so sad to see him grow so quickly, but also so thankful to God for our wonderfully healthy and energetic son.


Colvin Family said...

I found you! Your page looks great. I like how big your pictures are! I remembered how to add a friend link. It's very easy. Call me when you get a chance today. Say hello to Jeff and Will.

Colvin Family said...

Call my house phone... 334-881-0517I can't call long distance except on my cell phone and I have hardly any service here at the house. I can tell you how to add a link to your page.

Shonna said...

Hello Taylors!!! I was glad to find your page. Glad to hear things are going well for you and I am looking forward to keeping in touch via the blog!

Laura Bennett said...

Hi Rebecca,
I left you a comment, or I thought I left you a comment the other day. Anyway, please send me a good pic of Will ASAP. I am supposed to order that for mama tonight. Just let me know if you can't and we will do something else.