Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Memories 2008

I don't know about everyone else, but the Taylors had a wonderful Christmas!!!!! We spent last weekend in Birmingham with our families. My brother got to come home from his stay in basic training. We had such a good time getting to visit there. We spent Christmas eve and Christmas day at our home in Mississippi. We had 10 special guests from our church to join us for lunch. As usual, Santa (yes, he still believes) brought our son way too much! He opened many gifts and when he finished he still looked semi unhappy. See, the only thing he really asked for was a dog. To give you a little history on this matter I will have to turn the clock back to this summer. We were given a Shih-Tzu dog named Isabelle aka "Izzy". She was a magnificent dog whom the whole family loved. We carried her everywhere we went. She was just one of us and treated accordingly. Izzy was killed in the road in front of our house. We live on a very busy road and she was really bad about going toward it. We tried everything from spanking and shaming to just plain yelling at her about getting near such a dangerous path. In the end she just would not listen and one day Jeff found her remains where she had been killed. Will is such a sensitive child and Jeff and I were just too afraid to bring him such heartache. We never lied to him, we just never told him the truth either. We assumed that after a while he would just forget her and assume that she ran away. However, almost every day since her ill fated departure, he has fervently prayed to God that he would return her to us safely. Every time he asks the blessing or says his bed time prayers, he asks. His Sunday School teacher told me a couple of weeks ago that he prayed the sweetest prayer for his little lost dog. Jeff just could not stand it anymore and against my better judgement "Santa" brought Will a new friend. We made it really fun for him too. "Santa" left a letter addressed to William Taylor on the Christmas tree that told him that he had a very special surprise for him but he had to follow some clues to find his present. We had him go all over the house and outside too to finally receive his gift. You have never seen such a happy boy!!!!!!! Mom-not so happy!!!! I mean I am very happy that it brought Will so much joy but if I had chosen the perfect friend for him I would have gotten something like a Peek a poo or a toy poodle or something along those lines. My husband was in charge though and he had much different ideas about a good friend. He chose a mountain feist, which is alot like a jack russell terrier only alot calmer. I guess he is pretty cute. But they are usually bred to hunt squirrels. I wonder if Jeff has something other than just a "friendly pet" in mind!! HMMMMMMM! Check out the pics below to see "Chuck" Taylor.

P.S. He has actually began to grow on us all!!!!!


Robbie ... said...

Your pictures are great! I'm so glad that you got pictures of "the hunt". We did this for our kids when they were first grade through high school! They loved it! I guess the biggest, most funnest one was when we got Haley her car. We hid it in the back yard and the last clue was to the key with directions to go outside. A big red bow sit atop her white car. Initially she was so disappointed because we told her the deal had not gone through and that we were sorry (think it was harder on Kent to lie and see her disappointment than me; but I KNEW she would love it in the end). Although they never knew until the end as to whether we would do the clues, it made Christmas morning so much fun. I made up riddles for them to find each clue...that was the hardest part. They would have to figure out the riddle (yep, even in first grade) to know where to find the next clue. Then one year, they did me that way and I think they got as big a kick out of doing me as they did following theirs.

This is the first time I think I've seen pictures of either of your families other than your parents. You have a handsome family.

Dawn said...

I Love love love the new little pup! I hope it has a safer life than the last! It looks like you guys had an awesome Christmas! Praise the Lord. Sorry I haven't e-mailed you back. Things are a little hairy around here. I am hosting the choir party here Saturday night and have been doing some major projects that done in good timing would have taken all year!!! I hope that most of them are finished and I will be posting some of the finished projects later. Take care and keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

I wished you could delete my picture out of there, I hate getting my picture made. The ones of Mark turned out good didn't they? I sure miss him being here. He don't have long before he will home for good!!!

Love, Darlene