Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sugar Is STILL Sweet!!!

This past weekend my family and I had the EXTREME pleasure of attending the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was really my first "real" trip there. I went one time before when Dr. Billy Graham spoke at the Super Dome right after Katrina but Jeff contracted a virus and got deathly sick on the way down. We went with our church group on a charter bus so when we got there I had to go and rent a car to drive us home. So, like I said, this was my first real trip there. Alabama played against Utah. As most of you know by now, WE GOT BEAT!!!! Not just a little either. We got beat real bad. Utah played great and so did Alabama. They just played a little better than we did. They won fair and square. There was no cheating. There was no trick photography or smoke and mirrors. They just plain old beat us. Was I disappointed?? Hello! Of course I was! Even though Alabama lost this game, I am not the least bit disappointed in them. Their team has so much to be proud of. They came from being real under dogs, to playing in the SUGAR BOWL!!!! How many other teams can say that??? Oh well, you win some and lose some. Many Alabama fans were leaving before the game was even over and this made me furious. Were they going to lose? Yes, but they needed the support of their fans through the bitter end. My family stayed and waved and screamed and cheered and acted a little crazy until the clock turned zero!!!! We love the Tide and are very proud of them and their WINNING record. Our guys did great and need to hold their heads high!!!!

Once the game was over and we accepted defeat, we went back to the hotel to get our game plan for the next day. We ate lunch on Saturday at a place called "Mothers". If you were dieting, this was NOT the place for you. It cost $58.00 for lunch! When I heard the price I almost died. FOR LUNCH???? But they redeemed themselves when they brought it to us. It was probably the best cajun food Jeff or I have ever had. The next time you go to New Orleans take your pocket book and your appetite to Mothers. You won't be sorry! After lunch we caught a city tour which carried us all over. Our tour guide was a local who had been there his entire life and knew absolutely everything about every nook and cranny. He carried us over to the ninth ward which is the area that was completely under water after Katrina. It still looks awful. He told us that many famous stars have begun rebuilding homes there for the people. Brad Pitt has already built several and plans to build many more. He then carried us to the Garden district, Bourbon street, Jackson square and the French Quarter. I was thoroughly confused by the time the tour ended. It is an entirely different world there. People talk, look, act and think differently there than I suppose anywhere else in the world. We did have a wonderful time though seeing such an unusual place. My favorite was probably the Catholic Church that we toured. This back woods Southern Baptist girl has never seen anything like that before. My jaws were sore from having to keep push them back to close my mouth. I have just NEVER seen anything so neat in my life!!!!! They were chanting and I got to see a REAL priest in this fancy robe. People were going in these confessionals and kneeling on the pews holding their rosary. I have only seen images like these in movies. My mother in law was raised Catholic and she told me that she would take me sometime to mass in Birmingham. I can hardly wait. I am certainly not going to convert or anything. I just find it fascinating to see how other people worship. To sum up my trip I will have to say that New Orleans was a nice place to visit but I was glad to come back to Ellisville,MS!!!!


Robbie ... said...

Glad ya'll had a good time. We tried to call to see what section you were sitting in (at the game) so we might catch you on TV, but didn't get an answer. New Orleans is...let's say...different! But the food mostly is to die for! Great, to say the least. Yes, it is a little spooky there as they really believe and do more than dabble in voodoo. You can get an eerie feeling when passing some of those businesses. I think it is a warning from the Spirit, personally. Sounded like you had a well-rounded taste of the area though. I'm sure the game was fun; it was exciting from TV point-of-view. Glad this was a fun and memorable trip!

Julie said...

Roll Tide ANYWAY!! I'm glad that y'all were able to spend some quality family time at the Sugar Bowl and the New Orleans area. I looked for you on the TV. Jeremy and I went to NO for our one year anni. and ate at Mothers and Cafe de Monde-DIVINE food!!! I agree-totally different atmosphere, but a neat place to visit-NOT LIVE! :)

We are like you folks-we stay all the way until the game clock reaches zero before heading out-win or lose. As a fan, I feel that it is important to show the players that you are behind them 110%-especially coming off the wonderful year the Alabama had-which was never predicited!! Looking forward to another wonderful season-hopefully!! At leaset we can relish in this past season's performance!!

P.S. The best bowl was played in November-THE IRON BOWL!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

Thanks for sharing my Bama friend.

Anonymous said...

I am not even a fan but would love to have gone to the sugar bowl! Looks like you had tons of fun. Maybe we can get together soon. Did you go to the aquarium? I heard it is really a good one.