Sunday, February 22, 2009

An exhausting but FUN weekend!

Friday I dropped Jeff and all of his dogs off in Greene County at his dad's hunting club. Will and I then headed to Birmingham to hide at Red Lobster and wait for my mom to arrive. We were there to surprise her for her birthday. I have known her for about 35 years now and do not think that woman has ever been surprised about anything. I love her but she is just plain nosey and manages to figure everything out. Many times in the past we have tried to have something special planned to surprise her but every single time she has managed to foil our efforts. UNTIL NOW!!!! I think we finally did it. I think she was genuinely caught off guard. It was a very small affair. I contacted two couples that she and my dad are really close to and let them in on my plan. Also, my brother Terry and his family came. My mom seemed really happy and I know she had a good time. After dinner I went to my parent's home and spent the night. The next day my mom, Will and I went to a million places. When you live so far away from home your family thinks that you should do a ton of things that you normally miss out on. I was really exhausted but I journeyed on anyway. We went by to see my mother in law, my brother's new house, my sister in law and her children and I even ran into one of my oldest friends from elementary and high school at Wal Mart there. Needless to say, I was VERY tired by Saturday night. Today I thought I could just rest for the afternoon until Jeff reminded me that we had to carry Will down to Hattiesburg after church to tour the Dairy Fresh milk plant with his cub scout troop. As I sit here now my eyelids are about to close. I still have church tonight so I guess I had better pray that God will hold them open for me and wake me up!!!!!


lori said...

That is great that you and Will were able to surprise your mom for her birthday! I am sure it meant so much to her!! It looks like you all had a great time!! I love the picture of Will with the lemon over his mouth! It is hilarious! He is so much fun!!! (But so are you and Bro. Jeff!) I am sure you will sleep good tonight!!!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! Glad you got to surprise her! Hope you have gotten rested up {or is that really possible??}!

Robbie ... said...

Fun, busy, hectic, tiring time...but a great memory! Glad it all worked out.

Almost halfway into our's very pretty and cool. The afternoons are great. We wear long pants and long sleeves until lunch where we change into shorts and tank tops. Love the beach!!! Wish ya'll were here with us - really!! It's to you later. Rob

Dawn said...

Looks like you are losing weight! Hats off to you! Looks like Will is taking after his mama in that picture with the lemon! Take care of yourself sweet sugar dumplin and I shall talk to you soon. I miss your e-mails. I have been thinking of you and hope you are doing well. Busy busy around here. I will try to e-mail soon and fill you in. Hopefully we are moving soon! Keep us in your prayers! I love you! Happy Birthday to your Mom!