Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day /Thanksgiving to me!

What a great life!! God has certainly given to me more than my tiny brain could ever imagine. Just merely going out in our yard and looking around or walking to the lake I am taken back at the majesty of this art work that God has painted and given to me. I especially look at my sweet boy and know that he is such a precious gift to me. My heart melts every time I think about the joy that he brings his daddy and I. I can now even joy in the fact that I am a mother of two and one day we will reunite with him/her. A friend told me recently to remember to give thanks in everything. Sometimes even when we dont quite understand- just give thanks! That is how I want God to find me- Giving thanks!!!!


Lori Griffin said...

What great pictures!! I especially love the picture of Will and his dog!! How precious!

Robbie ... said...

Happy Mother's Day!! Wish you were here! It is a beautiful day. AND...there's much to be thankful for when we keep our eyes on the One Who loves us more than anyone. Love you!

MOMSWEB said...

Beautiful pictures!