Thursday, February 18, 2010

Whatever shall I do?

Tomorrow Jeff is leaving and taking my precious little boy with him. They are headed off for a father/son hunting trip. They will be staying overnight. At first, I was a little scared about them leaving me all to myself but the more I have thought about it, it sounds kinda good! I have even been contemplating what I might do with this free time. Perhaps I might do my nails!

Okay that will only take me about 30 minutes! What else? Oh I know, I could go out to eat!

Or maybe a movie?

No, neither of those would be good because I would just feel plain stupid going out to eat alone and there really isn't any movie that I want to see playing right now. What about going to the beach?

Nah, too far! And besides, Mississippi has really ugly beaches anyway. I guess I could always call my buddy Lauree and we could go shopping.

The only problem with that is that I would probably need some money and I have very little and also Lauree has 4 kids! I love them but do not fancy an outing with them to the mall! UGH!! What else is there? Am I just going to have to sit and cry at the thought of them leaving me?

Ok, I have thought of what I should do! First, I will sleep late!

Next, I think it is high time that I cleaned my house. It is very dirty and has been neglected since I started back to work!

Then, just before they arrive home from a long tiring weekend with no good food, I will prepare them a wonderful home cooked feast to welcome them in from the cold.

I do look forward to some time alone but will miss my boys terribly while they are gone! Lord, please take care of them for me! I cant wait till they are back home safe and sound!


Beth said...

Hope the boys have a good time & hope you have a good time being all alone! To tell you the truth, I think being all alone sounds really good...for a little while! Then about 15 minutes after they left I would be missing them really bad! Love you!

Beth said...

How did you make it w/o the boys? Did they have fun? How are all of y'all doing?? What is your schedule looking like in the next few weeks? And where are you working now? said you had 2 jobs. Yes, this is 20 questions!! Sorry!