Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good Times!

This past weekend Jeff, Will and I had the EXTREME fortune to attend Carolina Baptist Church. Jeff pastored there for a little over 7 years. Wow, it is really hard thinking back that far. I got married on Sept. 28, 1996. I could not have been a happier bride. We went on a Hawaiian honeymoon and came back to our cute little gray split level in Rock Creek, AL. We had mostly new furniture and tons of new wedding gifts to open. Life was absolutely wonderful. Every evening we came home to grill on our back deck. I fell right into the kitchen and began cooking away. Unfortunately I also began eating all of my wonderful creations, hence my current weight! Oh well, again I say, life was a bowl of cherries. UNTIL------Jeff came home one day to tell me that he thought he felt God's calling to another church. I immediately thought of the good thing we already had and let him know that I thought he should consult with God again. He did talk more to God and to my dismay, He concluded that God definitely wanted us to go to Carolina Baptist Church. "WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CAROLINA BAPTIST CHURCH"? "Andalusia, Alabama???" I quickly found out! I was only 24 years old when I finally landed there. It looked like a nice enough place. We were told that we would be residing in the pastorium. Yikes!!!! That place was right smack dab next to a cemetery and has a cow pasture in the back of it! Before long I fell right into place and fell in love with the people there. There were certainly times that I wanted to run back home as fast as I could, but, I had made a committment to God and Jeff. That first year I found out that being a pastor's wife is not exactly a walk in the park. As I'm sure the congregation there will tell you, I was VERY inadequate and immature!!!! I am still not the pastor's wife I would like to be but I do think that a few years and some past experiences have helped me quite a bit. I had a wonderful pastor's wife growing up and have known many other shining examples. I am nothing like those wonderful ladies. Through the years I have questioned God about His putting me with Jeff and I have never really gotten a clear answer. All I know is that I love God with all my heart and I love my husband with all my heart. Jeff is a pastor and will probably always be one. I have resigned myself to the fact that I am not a very good preacher's wife. I actually heard a devotion this morning at day camp from a local minister that spoke to me heart. His message was to just be yourself because God made you who you are and has a very clear purpose for your life. He used an example of an apple and a peach. He said "the apple cant be a peach and the peach cant be an apple". What he meant was don't try to be something you are not. I am not a dynamic preachers wife! I am just plain old Rebecca Ann Rooker Taylor but God made me who I am and I want to be just that! Thank you Carolina Baptist Church for filling 7 1/2 years of my life with happiness and love! Also please pray for me as I amble through this life that I often feel so ill fitted for!

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Cathy said...

Rebecca, what a wonderful time we had last weekend. What an absolutely awesome message Jeff had Sunday morning. It brought back precious memories seeing him standing in the pulpit. Oh how we love ya'll and wish we could see you more often. You are the kind of friends that when we see each other we just take up where we left off, so comfortable! LOVE YA'LL!!!