Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Recently Jeff celebrated yet another blessed birthday. I wasn't exactly sure what we would do but some of our wonderful friends from church decided for us. We were invited to a small party at the home of Myrtis and Roland Gatlin. In attendance were the two of them, Mrs. Anne Sullivan, Jeff, Will and myself. It was one of the funnest times I have ever experienced. The Gatlins are up there in years and some may think that senior adults do not know how to have a good time. Wow, would they be wrong about these two. Since we have attended West Laurel Baptist, we have been embraced by these two. They have treated us not as their pastor/family, but as real family! I am not sure we have ever been so loved and cared for. Mrs. Myrtis prepared the yummiest meal ever. Mrs. Anne is also one of those special people that we have fallen in love with. She and I have especially grown close and I feel that I can share anything with her. She and the Gatlins are the definition of true friends. In this day, I have found that those kinds of friends are hard to come by. After our wonderful meal we celebrated with fun games and gifts for all of us. We love them so much and are so blessed to have them as our church family--I mean family!


Beth said...

Happy Birthday Bro. Jeff! We love you {y'all} and miss y'all so much!!! Can't wait to see you guys next weekend!!

Ashley said...

Thank you for the sweet comment and Happy Birthday to Jeff!! You are so sweet! We started visiting Carolina when y'all were just about to leave. Walker & I had never been "Baptist," but God put us next door to Ben and Mendy Clark...and we thought, whatever church they go to, that's where we should be! :) I enjoyed reading your last post about going to Carolina! Wish y'all could have been there a little longer, so we would have gotten to know you more, but maybe our paths will cross again some time in the future. :) I am SURE that whatever church you are currently serving LOVES having you both!!
Thanks again!

Cathy said...

What a precious thing those special friends did for the Taylor family! Unheard of these days. By the way, belated Happy Birthday Jeff, (October 14). Well, the Taylors were passing through the night Saturday. Barely got to see you, but your presence was very special to us! We love ya,ll!!! Cathy