Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer 2011

This Summer has started with quite a bang! Once again I am our church's Day camp director and somehow a teacher as well. I have 14 children in my class. Once I found out that I was not going to have nearly enough teachers, I knew there was only one option. I sat down and carefully chose the children that need "special" TLC. I did not want my other 3 teachers to quit on me in the first week so I purposely loaded myself up with those kids that need more attention than others. Some might actually refer to these kids as "bad" or "trouble makers." I find that most kids are really good if you find what works for them. Yes, I do find myself quite flustered some days but I dearly love this bunch. In fact, I am deeply in love with all 55 of them. They keep me really busy. I will try and post some pics in the upcoming weeks of all of our good times. Until then, I will leave you with this- In case you were wondering if our son had lost his adoration for the world of professional wrestling- He hasn't! This is how he ate his supper the other night.

Yes, he was also wearing leather wrestling pants and his championship belt.

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Beth said...

This is hilarious!!! And I cannot believe how BIG he is! Glad you are having fun with camp again. I'm sure those kids and workers are having as much fun with you and your crazy self! Love you!