Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to Wrestlemania!

Yes, that's right! I attended my first super bowl of wrestling known as Wrestlemania. Jeff, Will and I headed to Birmingham Saturday night to stay with our parents. We were planning to get an early start Sunday morning and spend the day there sight seeing. When we arrived in Gardendale to visit our parents we decided that we would have some supper. Just before we headed into the restaurant, Jeff looked at me and had a terrible look on his face. "oh no, you are not going to believe this". What??? Yep, he had forgotten our tickets to get in to wrestling. Fine with me. I saw this as a sign that we should not go. After all, this was certainly going to put us way off schedule. Once we finished our dinner, we had my dad come meet us and pick up Will. We figured that at least one of us could get a good night's rest. Jeff and I set out on a long journey back to Mississippi. We arrived back at our house about 12:45pm. It seemed as though we barely slept and the alarm was ringing. We got back on the road and after a very quick trip to my parent's house, we made it to Atlanta by mid afternoon. We stayed at the Omni hotel at the CNN center. It was very nice. We even had our own bathrobes there. Will took full advantage of this. He looked like Hugh Hefner walking around with his smoking jacket on. We decided to quickly freshen up and hit the streets. Boy, did we see some sights!!!!!! There were many strange and unusual people who came out for this show. In my opinion, this "thing" lasted way too long. I headed back to the hotel early to order a little room service and watch police investigation shows (I love them). Jeff and Will eventually rolled into the room about midnight. They both had made a trip to the souvenier stand and as you will see in the pictures, Will was all John Cena'd out! In fact, he has barely taken his attire off since he got it. He wore those silly head and wrist bands the entire time we were in ATL and actually slept in them last night. Monday before we left we went to the new World of Coke and had a blast. I must say I was a little embaressed to be seen with two of the biggest red neck looking guys. Oh well, I love them anyway!

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Nina in Portugal said...

Looks like a fun time!

Sorry you forgot the tickets, but it all worked out in the end.....