Monday, February 21, 2011

Auction Hunters-"Mississippi Style"

Jeff, Will and I love to watch reality shows. Some of our favorite ones are American Pickers and Auction Hunters. We love to see the guys find all of the cool things they happen upon from time to time. This is why when we were invited to an auction this past Saturday night, we jumped at the chance. I am not really sure just what I was expecting but nothing could have prepared me for what I found. First of all it took place in the middle of nowhere. Second, upon entering the building the sight was as follows: naked light bulbs suspended from scary raw looking wires half taped up, mismatched seating from who knows where(we actually sat on a church pew with which the middle felt as if it would give way at any time), Pictures of John Wayne, some indians and sky divers donned the walls. As we made our way to sit down, I had to step around a blue healer (dog) to get there. We accompanied some of our dearest friends there. Landon (the husband) goes to this particular auction all of the time. He knew almost everyone in the place and they all called him by name. I had no intention of telling him how disgusted I was with this place. How on earth could they offer me anything that I would be remotely interested in? Landon went up to this folding table and registered us both and brought back our numbered paddles. The first item made it's way to the block and the auction began. It was one of the ugliest bed spreads I had ever seen. It's beginning price was $50. Who on earth would purchase this hideous thing for $50? No one! They lowered the bid to $40 and still no one held up their paddle. Once again the bid was lowered and no one nibbled. This made me feel better about my fellow bidders. The bed spread had to be put away and the next item was up. It was a heart shaped muffin pan. My friend and her husband immediately held up their paddle and bid. After a small bidding war they were the victors with they winning bid of $4. The longer I sat there, the more I began to get into this whole thing. I began to forget all about the fact that every man there was wearing overalls and had a spit cup in the bib. I almost let the aroma of cigarette smoke and goat go past me without holding my nose. Yes, I liked this!!!!! I too began to get the bidding fever. My only problem was that there were a couple of women directly in front of me who seemed to want EVERYTHING!!! Made no difference if it was a stuffed animal or a shot gun, they wanted it and were willing to bid their entire life savings for it. I did manage to win one thing though. It was a cute little white tea kettle. They even threw in a set of shoe stretchers that no one else would buy. I guess the old saying is true about not judging a book by it's cover. The cover of this book certainly wasn't too pretty but boy the pages were full of fun!

We followed up our evening with a trip to another of our favorites!

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