Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thank God-for God!

I hate to sound like such a whiny baby-But lately I have been in some great turmoil. With anyone in particular? No, just myself I guess. I find it hard to believe that there are millions of people in this world yet it is so hard to find many good ones. (I include myself in that figure) On Sunday nights I have been teaching the children of our church about the book of Exodus. I have read this book many times and felt as if I knew all there was about it. Don't you just love how you can read from the scripture over and over the exact same verses and yet God points out different messages each time? Anyway, I got to the "wilderness experience" and found myself identifying with the children of Israel. Up to this point I saw myself as a Moses esque person- a real leader. God put a hot poker on my heart to convict me of my moaning and groaning about my situations. Right now I am absolutely in the wilderness. Now, what to do about it? Do I keep pointing out our very flawed society, the lack of trustworthy and dependable people, my current state of unhappiness? I think not. God led me to this book for a good reason. When God plagued the Egyptians, it was to make them know he was their Lord; when he provided for the Israelites, it was to make them know he was their God. After all, did I not name my blog "In ALL things, give thanks!"? Instead of fretting about the lack of true friends, may I cleave to the only friend I truly need. Thank you God for being there for me when it seems no one else is! If you happen upon this blog and do not know my precious friend Jesus. I want to tell you that if you ask Him to come into your heart, HE WILL! You wont be sorry!

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Beth said...

This post is fantastic!I love you! I told John yesterday we so often wonder and ask God why. And everytime it seems like He reminds me of this verse..."And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried; they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The Lord is my God." Zech. 13:9 (Also Is. 48:10) Do we sin? Most def. Does that sin have consequence? Oh does it! Will we reap what we sew? No doubt! He promises that we will! But doesn't it remind us how huge that one word is....GRACE. Man oh man, God has been working on my heart lately. Pounding the word grace on it! People sin. But so do I!!!!!! And even still He loved me enough to DIE for me! Unfathomable! But there's even another reason we face those wretched trials. To refine us. To make us more like HIM. Have you ever met someone that dripped Jesus? Like you could look at their countenance, or hear the words from their mouth, or see the way they treated others and just know they loved Jesus? I bet 100% of the time, if you were to have a minute with them, they would tell you all about some fire they had been through! It's so true. Fire changes us. It's the only thing that truly changes us. (Besides our salvation). So I guess my point is, it's not for loss. Your trials are refining you. Molding you. To know that encourages me. I sure don't have it all down pat! I'm a little bit on the stubborn side;) But I love you! And I think you're a pretty sweet friend myself!