Sunday, October 23, 2011

I guess alot has happened!

Yes, a whole bunch has happened since my last blog post. Will has officially turned 10, school has started back and I am the mother of a 4th grader (which I still cant believe!!!),leaves have begun to fall and my sweet husband is now a whopping 43 years old! Life is just simply flying by and I am so blessed to be living it! God has chosen specifically to have me right here, right now and so I guess He doesn't want me to miss a minute of it either! Will actually said to me the other night-"Mom, I think I may be going through puberty." My heart sank! I didn't know that he even knew the word puberty, much less that it is something the human body "goes through". So, with much reservation I responded with the following-"How is that?". He replied "Because I have hair growing on my toes real nice and bushy like daddy's". With much relief I just laughed and checked out those hair toes of his. I do love that sweet boy of mine!

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Beth said...

Hey! You're back! Love the picture of Bro. Jeff blowing out the candles! When I first looked at that picture and noticed he had on his "church clothes" I got tears in my eyes! I miss y'all so much! I remembered those days I'd hang out at y'alls house and it was just like my own! He would always have his jacket and tie off and be kicked back in his chair! Oh the days:) And I can hear y'all singing those ridiculous songs together and then bursting out in the loudest laugh ever! Anyway, I'll move one now, loved talking to you yesterday! Thank you! Love y'all so much!