Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A night to Howl!

My son had a Halloween costume all figured out since our trip to Wrestlemania in April. No question, he was going to dress as John Cena. After all, Jeff only spent a small fortune on accessories to ensure that he would be as authentic as possible. Will waits until Saturday morning to tell me that he has now decided that John Cena just won't do and that he now needs a new costume. I have been working like crazy for about a month now and Saturday was going to be my day to do just what I wanted. Or so I thought! I left home in search of the perfect costume and after the first two stops I realized that this was not going to be easy. I don't know about everyone's town but in this town, the people are obviously crazy about Halloween costumes. I first went to Walgreen's, because after all, they advertised just that morning that I should shop there to find hundreds of costumes. Well not so at the Laurel, MS Walgreen's. Next I went to 3 Dollar Generals, Rose's dept store, Big Lots, Burkes Outlet, CVS, Dirt Cheap and then the dreaded-Wal-Mart! I might say that even the big boy (Wal-Mart) was completely out of costumes. What could I do? I had the idea of wrapping Will in muslin and letting him go as a mummy. How cool! I was going to buy him a white sweat suit, steep it in tea bags along with some muslin and fabric glue it on. This would be perfect. I was giddy just thinking about it! My plan was coming together just fine until I got a phone call from my son. I could hardly wait to reveal my plan and once I did, I got a silence on the other end of the phone. I assumed my call must have dropped because he should have been having a ticker tape parade in my honor. Then I realized he was still there. He was rather disgusted with my idea. After a long day of striking out, I went home defeated. Sunday I drove all the way to Hattiesburg where I discovered Ultimate Party and got a makeup kit. Will was going as a werewolf! Like it or not! I did want him to be the best one he could be though so I splurged and got a professional kit and hairy gloves. I think he turned out pretty cute/scary. He was pleased and that is all that mattered! We attended trunk or treat at our church and went a few other places. Many people did not even know that it was him. I guess Mom pulled it off after all!


Beth said...

Hilarious!! Ofcourse:)

Beth said...

I changed my blog address on accident. It's

And Amy has a blog now too! It's

Lane is doing great! He has started sleeping really well! Amy is doing good. He is sweet as sugar! Hope we can see y'all again soon:) Love you:-)