Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Journey

Tomorrow I will be embarking on a new journey. One that I have really been dreading. I am going to the doctor for lab work and to sit down with a nutrition person. I am not quite sure but I feel for certain that I will be thrashed thoroughly and told that I am headed to the grave. I do not look forward to a new way of eating and an exercise regimine. These are foreign concepts to me. I have discovered that my biggest problem is no self discipline. You see, I love me! I tend to give me, everything me wants! Me, likes me and thinks I am just great and like to make me happy! Me doesn't mind that I have become as big as a whale! Me tends to overlook all of the bad and just sees the good. I seek your prayers with my struggle with old "ME". She really is a good girl who means well. She just has some difficult lessons in front of her that I know she cant handle. This is where God comes in! Me can handle it if she will get out and let God in! Please Lord, prepare me for what awaits!


Lori Griffin said...

I will pray for you! You are not alone- I have no self-discipline in this area either. Love you!

Beth said...

First of all...I just read your comment about Goldie. I think she's lovely. And I'm with you. A paid for ride is a good ride. We just paid our van off, and I'll tell you, I am a proud owner of a minivan! It is definitely not the most stylish ride, but thankfully it gets us where we need to go and I pray it continues to! Second...I will be praying for your consultation with the nutritionist. I have NO self-discipline when it comes to food! It's really ridiculous and gets me so irritated! So I pray that it goes well and the next time I see you you will be all slim and trim :-) Third...I want to go to the flea market with you! For Real!!!!! It sounds like my kind of place! Please take me! I am ALLLLL about some good deals! Fourth....I love you!