Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter and the Cajun Experience

My dad recently retired from the railroad after 41 years. He worked very hard and I am so proud of what an awesome man God allowed me to call Daddy. My entire life all I can remember is that he always seemed to be at work. Since his retirement I really worried about what he would do with himself and if my mother might murder him. She too is accustom to him always being gone to work. It turns out that retirement suits him and he has really started to kick up his heels (or at least by his account). He and my mother have practically beaten a path from their home north of Birmingham to our home in Ellisville, MS. I am not complaining or anything. I have certainly loved having them but sometimes it because a chore finding new and exciting ways to entertain them. I mean after all, Mississippi isn't exactly a bubbling metropolis oozing with fun things to do. This last visit was just a couple of weeks ago and we decided that we would take them down to New Orleans. Jeff and I have been several times and are accustom to the "eccentricities" one might see there. My mom and dad, however, had led a relatively sheltered existence. My mother cried every time she spotted a drunk on the street and wanted to give them money. My daddy said every few minutes "something stinks!" Mother just about died when we spotted a voodoo gift shop. She felt as though Satan himself was behind the counter. We ate bignets at Du Monde and had lunch at Mother's. About half way through our journey it began to rain-really hard! Self, I thought, this is the end of this trip! I waited with baited breath for the "I can't take this anymore, let's go home!" But, to my amazement, it never came. My parents marched along like two of the most dedicated soldiers on maneuvers. I was so delighted at their dedication. We had a blast. They must have had fun because they came back last weekend for Easter. We just hung around our house and had lunch. After we ate, we headed down to the lake and fished. What blessings!!!!!! Thanks be to God for a wonderful family and a most perfect Risen Savior!

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Anonymous said...

I would probably be like your mama too!! Glad that yall had a good time and yes family is the greatest even though they get on your nerves sometimes!

Amy JACOBS Rolling