Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Random Summer far!

Well, so far, Summer has been great! Once again I accepted the leadership position as our church day camp director. That has certainly had me tied up. I do adore it though. Just before it began, we let Will stay out of school for the last week and we trotted off the Gulf Shores. It was sooooo much fun. We haven't been to the beach a whole lot since we moved from Andalusia. I think people there take it for granted that they have that fabulous commodity right there! We so miss our weekly trips to Henderson Beach and Beasley Park. Once vacation was over we jumped right into day camp. This year we have about 35 campers. God has provided me with two teachers this year that I absolutely adore! These ladies and I get along very well. In fact, we have a ball! We laugh and laugh all day, every day. I praise God for a good staff and a good group of kids. We have done lots of activities and so far, no major incidents. When you are dealing with 35 kids, that is a major victory. Here are a few pics of our fun times. I pray we have many more fun times ahead!********************************* Please pray for our wonderful friend Ricky Jacobs. He had open heart surgery today and is struggling with his ventilator. We love you Ricky and are lifting you up to the GREAT PHYSICIAN!!!!!!


Amy said...

Cute pics of Lane! We had so much fun with yall! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

You're sooooo sweet! Thank you for all your prayers! It has made a world of difference in Daddy's healing! I had a blast with yall!! Just reminded me of how much I miss the Taylors!!! BTW those sure are some good looking folks in your pics! ;)