Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Where do I begin?

It has been so long since my last post that I almost could not figure out how to do this anymore. As my title goes, Where do I begin?? For the last eight years of my life I have been a Mississippian. My husband pastored a church there and so we made it our home. I saw so many things and God certainly taught me and my family a whole lot. We made some wonderful friends and in some cases, family while there. I got to see my son grow from being a tiny little 3 year old who still needed pull-ups when we arrived to a giant 11 year old who is as tall as me. Jeff and I both have a few more gray hairs (though I keep mine hidden) and several more pounds and wrinkles. We bought a house there and made it our home. I do love my place on Spurline Road. We currently have it for sale and this makes me sad. It marks a journey coming to an end. As with most pastors, my husband felt that God was leading us away from West Laurel Baptist Church. We worked really hard there in many different areas. But I guess once God was through with us there, He decided to use us somewhere else. My sweet son has been so good through all of this. Because we had to visit with other churches, he had to maintain silence on the matter. I am sure that was not easy for a fifth grader. We really had no clue where we would be going or when it would happen. We just knew that we wanted what was best for WLBC and God had told us that we were no longer the right fit. I am not sure why God moves people to different locations. I just know that He sure has led us to some wonderful places that have enriched our lives and made us the people we are today. We sadly left West Laurel on Oct. 7, 2012. The people there treated us like royalty. They were so good to us. They honored us with a delicious dinner and the most spectacular gifts. They loved us very much and we loved them back. The best gift I could have received though is that my son gave his heart to Jesus. That last Sunday we were there, my husband had the priviledge of baptizing him. Praise the Lord for the time He allowed us to grow and learn in Laurel, MS. Recently our family was once again led to a church by God. This time it is in Lake Placid, Florida. Wow, is it different than any other place I have ever been. We have only been here a short time but already feel loved. Thanks be to my God for always taking care of a worthless sinner like me. I look forward to my time as a Floridian! Here are just a few memories from our time in Mississippi and some of our last day at WLBC.


Beth said...

Love you guys! I cried when I saw that picture of Will and Jeff in the baptismal! Absolutely the most precious thing in the world for a parent! I love y'all!

Amy said...

We love y'all so much! Will looks like his daddy!! Beth, so did I!