Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Learning to Cope

Each day I get better physically. Some days I am better spiritually and emotionally, but others, I am not so good. I am told this is to be expected after someone loses a baby. I have never been in these shoes before and do not know how I am suppose to feel. I guess more than anything else, I had to really cry out to God about this whole thing. Only He knows all of the answers. He is continuing to deal with my heart. I ask for everyone to please continue to pray for my family. On a lighter note, This past weekend we had some much needed work done in our back yard. We live in a mush pit. We have a really big back yard that is filled with huge trees and they make so much shade that once it rains it takes weeks to dry out. There is just hardly any sunlight getting to the ground. UNTIL NOW!!!!! Jeff and his friend Casey Hicks got to business cutting trees and shoving them out of the way with the bobcat. I must say I was skeptical at first but they really got on it and now ----THERE IS LIGHT!!!! We may actually see some grass soon.

Doesn't Jeff look cute as a bug in his overalls. I was so proud of his hard work!

Casey did great with his little bobcat and chainsaw!!!! Maybe he'll come back and help us plant some grass.

Just look at my husband running this thing! That is MY man in there!!!!


Mr Ronald Yates said...

Our coach's prayer group thought of you today. We meet at 630am on tuesdays. Jimmy Cox is our teacher. We ALL miss seeing you. I am looking forward to seeing your place in Miss. I bet Jeff had a ball driving that bobcat.

Robbie ... said...

Hope you'll be feeling better soon. We had a good time Saturday. Please let us know if there is anything we can do!! Love ya!

Lori Griffin said...

We love you guys and are still praying for you!! You are all so special to us and our hearts are heavy too!! Your backyard looks great I know!! Ours looks like a jungle!!

Anonymous said...

This is the day the Lord hath made let us rejoice and be glad in it... Keep the faith, the Sunshine is always just beyond the clouds. Our Lord and Savior will see you through. Kelley